Welcome to Lastwall!

The warriors of Lastwall have been a beacon for hope since the Shining Crusade started in 3754 AR. Standing against the orc hordes of Belkzen and the undead host from Gallowspire, the armies of Lastwall are never in short supply of obstacles and always in need of bodies. The Precentors Martial of the War College in Vigil are looking for promising recruits to undertake a special mission. Will you answer the Watch’s call?

"Alright pukes, listen up! You have been called – either through deed, creed, or seed – to be guards upon this Wall, the Lastwall. For the last 887 years we have maintained our vigil; kept our watch. One eye on Gallowspire and one eye on Belkzen. Now you are called to do the same. "

Swords of Lastwall