NG small town
Corruption +2; Crime -2; Economy +2; Law +2; Lore +1; Society -1
Qualities prosperous, strategic location
Danger +0


Government overlord (Warden)
Population 1264
Notable NPCs:

Warden Falstius Deziken
(LN male Chelaxian fighter 5)
This gruff, stern, and capable crusader of middling years has been put to pasture after a debilitating wound has left him with severe mental anguish and trauma. He still longs for the camaraderie of war but knows he isn’t equipped mentally to deal with the horrors associated with war any longer. Recognized for his years of meritorious service, Watcher-Lord Ulthun II along with the Precentors Martial of the War College appointed Falstius to the position of Warden of Stormhaven.

Commander Kaðlín Jötunnbløð
(CN female Ulfen warpriest of Gorum 4)
A comely Ulfen maiden with a sharp wit, a blunt manner, and an edged tongue; Kaðlín is cold to most people in Stormhaven owing to the fact that she is not on the front lines of battles and she finds most of the locals to be “soft.” Truth be told, she has the potential of being a great instructor of the art of warfare – one that could eventually find herself at the War College in Vigil – but her entitled attitude stands in the way of her own success.

Tintithelly Obraskint
(CG male Taldan bard 4)
Tintithelly is the local herald, town-crier, rapscallion & gossip all rolled into a sonic explosion. If there is a theme to the manner of dress that Tintithelly adopts regularly, no one can figure it out – a Qadiran keffiyeh worn as a sash, Varisian trousers bloused in the manner of the Lastfolk cavalry, a Taldan slashed doublet worn open with a Chelish-styled high-collared ruffle shirt. Locals say his odd name, manner of dress, and attitude is more halfling in nature, yet Tintithelly refuses to answer such claims except to smile, wink, and promptly walk away from such inquiry. Since his arrival many of the towns residents have vied for Tintithelly’s affections, but all attempts have been rebuked. His eye is firmly planted on Kaðlín & nothing will change his mind – not even the several right-crosses that the Commander has given him.

The Rising Moon Inn – local inn and restaurant
Alzael’s Cleaver – Slaughterhouse
[[Baskar’s Nook]] – Print Shop
Black Eagle Coster – Caravan Shipping, Provisions, and Small-Scale Brewing
Galandor’s Glassworks – Glassblower & Lensgrinder
The Old Boot – Wagonmaker and Harness Shop
[[Nueth’s Fine Nets]] – Rope & Net Maker
[[The Sailor’s Own]] – Tavern
Redbeard Rental Storage and Shipping – Warehouse and Goods Handler
The Fish House – Fish Monger and Ice Dealer


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