The Rising Moon Inn

The Rising Moon


This popular inn is cheap, warm, and cozy. It feels like guests are being made welcome in someone’s home by casual hosts who do not care if people put their feet up on the tables, so long as they enjoy being there and do not pick fights with other guests.

The Place
The half-timbered inn has a fieldstone ground floor and chimney and a roof of cedar shakes. A post out front, the wall above the serving window of the bar (where the proprietor’s axe hangs), and the stained glass of the inn’s front door all display the sign of the inn: the silver crescent moon. The upper floor has 11 sleeping rooms that vary widely in size. One room can accommodate a party of six in separate beds For larger parties, renting more than one room in the norm, although the inn does have an attic where the staff members sleep.
The trot down to [[Gozreh’s Whisper]] (the local stream) is blocked by a city wall now. Traffic through the gate usually makes a water bucket run, even with a shoulder yoke, impractical, so piping has been run up from the river. A treadle pump installed in a small summerhouse just behind the kitchen door moves the water up through the pipes. For 1 copper piece per bucket, passerby are allowed the use of the pump to fill their own buckets.
The cellars beneath the Rising Moon are extensive. The owner, Gorstag, is thinking of relocating the staff sleeping quarters into them and putting another floor of rooms in by opening up the attic with dormers.

The Prospect
Gorstag retired from adventuring to reopen his father’s old inn here some 30 years ago. To protect the gruff old warrior and his wife, Lureene, Pathfinders have have taken to staying at the Moon when they are in town. And although he knows it not, the cook Gorstag recently hired – a fat, mute half-elven lady named Rhiia Duskmantle – is an agent of the Pathfinders.
Success has not spoiled the folk of the Moon. They are still the same friendly, easygoing, cheerful earthy hosts they have always been. Staying at the Moon is like temporarily being taken in to a large, fun-loving, forgiving family. This feeling of belonging is one of the reasons crowding is now a regular problem at the Moon – and the others are Lureene’s butter tarts and Rhiia’s hearty poultry dishes.
Some local folk come to the Moon for dinner, and when the place is full to bursting, others ask if they can sleep in the stables just to feel they have stayed at the Moon! Gorstag always tries to accommodate them, but if it is a quiet visit to a private, nearly deserted inn you are after, come here only in the howling heart of winter. In the cold season, visitors still find the main room crowded at mealtimes, but the rest of the day guests are few. It is also in winter that Gorstag taps his excellent and very strong cider and serves it hot by the fire with buttered biscuits!

The Provender
Though Lureene’s tarts easily take the prize for the best viands to be had at the Moon, Rhiia’s soups, pork pies, and fowl dishes are what fill most folk up and keep them coming back for more.

The Prices
Folk who come here just for meals pay 1 gold piece for all they can eat and drink on the premises (carrying away is not allowed) or 5 silver pieces for all they can eat and drinks costing extra. Guests pay 6 silver pieces a night for a bed, but a whopping 4 gold pieces if they want a room all to themselves due to the inn’s normal crowding. Guests receive their meals at a reduced price of 2 silver pieces per person per meal for as many servings as they can down, but drinks are extra. Stabling is an extra 1 silver piece per night per beast.
All folk paying for drinks – that is, all overnight guests and those visiting just to dine, who elect to pay just for all they can eat – face prices of 4 copper pieces per talltankard for beer and 3 copper pieces per tallglass for wine.
Gorstag serves Shadowdark Ale, Silver Dragon Ale, and [[Dragon’s Breath Beer]], and also stocks a rather dubious selection of rather plummy red wines and dry, thin whites made locally by old ladies along the Whisper who cannot resist experimentally adding herbs and berries to each vintage. The quality of their wine varies wildly from bottle to bottle and it is not recommended for anyone not willing to lose the worth of their coin in the taste experiment.
Gorstag himself loves night snacks. While he is up preparing things, he feels he might as well serve other night eaters who come to the front door and blow through a tube to make a distinctive low humming sound that does not wake guests above but brings Gorstag to open up. These snacks consist of beer, hot buttered bread, and cheese. Strong cheeses are Gorstag’s passion; he offers Abergave, [[Dwarven Miner’s]], Red Dragon, and even Shepard Sack and the rarely seen Vaethrimiri! A mug and a platter sets snackers back the grand sums of 1 copper piece and is the best deal by far in the town if one can wait until the wee hours to dine.

Traveler’s Lore

The Rising Moon is an old, historied inn. Gorstag can tell many tales of the early days of Stormhaven and of his own adventuring career. Despite what he says, however, he is not old enough to have ever known the Dowager Princess Verima. One of the rumored locations of the tomb of the Dowager Princess is beneath the cellars of the Rising Moon. Although Gorstag denies that there is any truth to the rumor, a secret shaft was recently discovered in one side of the hearth chimney opening out of its side into the kitchens. The shaft proved to descend past the present cellars into a low, arched-roofed clear about 70 feet long whose far end was blocked by a rock fall. Gorstag believes this was more likely a smuggler’s cellar than an elven tomb, and its construction would seem to support his contention. It is rumored in town that a certain patron has paid Gorstag a very handsome sum of money for the private and exclusive use of this storage space. Just who the renter is and what the cellar is being used for are things Gorstag refuses to discuss; even the most avid gossips do not seem to know. History buffs should not miss the battered Stag Shield above the kitchen door. Its barely legible arms are those of Rauthren Halawk, one of the first human settlers to answer the call of the Dowager Princess Verima to dwell here by [[Gozreh’s Whisper]] – and founded Stormhaven.

The Rising Moon Inn

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